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In August 2011 part 1 of the books about the Fokker G-1 was published. For more than thirty years the booklet of Hugo Hooftman was the only serious reference about the Fokker G-1. And later on the book of mr Mallan about the 3e Java (fighter section) added some information. But now there is a complete standard about the Fokker G-1.

With a little pride and great gratitude the Fokker G-1 Foundation regards this as a milestone. It took almost ten years of tough labour to put this book together, which, in the final version, was split in two parts. Both parts contains never published photos and other new information. The book text is in Dutch but photos have captions in Dutch and English as well. The drawings, in full colour, will surely inspire the model builder.

Part 1 describes the history ("the making of") of the Fokker G-1 as new product of the NV Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek and the (foreign) public and military interest.

Part 2 describes the operations of the Fokker G-1 by the Dutch military aviation (It was not called "air force" in those days).

Authors are Frits Gerdessen, Karel Kalkman, Cor Oostveen en Willem Vredeling.

Contributors of the Fokker G-1 Foundation will receive a discount on their purchase.

Fokker G-1 jachtkruiser - Part 2  - 256 pages
Frits Gerdessen, Karel Kalkman, Cor Oostveen en Willem Vredeling
Published by Lanasta, Emmen (NL)

Both books are sold out. A reprint is not planned yet.


As a preview a few pages of part 1 can be downloaded via the link below.