The Fokker G-1's of Oostvoorne

At 04:00 hrs airfield Waalhaven was attacked by two German bombers. Lieutenant Kreft sounded the alarm and captain Scholtmeijer ordered to start. In about fifteen minutes eight G-1's took off. The fate of three of these G-1's will now be discussed in starting sequence.

Tail Gunner Lok makes a report.

Summer 1939, in a KLM contest I won a return flight Eelde-Schiphol. At Schiphol I was trained as an air gunner and I was glad to come back. The Douglas DC-2 brought me there in 45 minutes. I would maybe see the much talked about G-1? Not only I did, I also met test pilot Gerben Sonderman. I hoped to participate in a test flight . I knew Sonderman of Soesterberg and from Schiphol 1936. Especially in that last period we shared a special experience.  

Paris Salon 1936

In the magazine "Vliegwereld" of 19 November 1936 an extensive report was published about the 15th aviation salon which had been held in Paris. The first impressions of the G-1 are discussed in this article too. The article is reprinted, in full, below. 

Foreign interest in the G-1

Development of the prototype of the G-1 continued with the purpose to use it for the foreign market. Equally to the prototype it received the Pratt & Wittney Jr. SB4-G engines. These engines had a negative side effect on the plane. Compared to the one with the Bristol Mercury engine top speed was 40 km/hr lower though it had slightly bit more range.