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Every supporter, interested in keeping the historic aviation alive, is very welcome at the Fokker G-1 Foundation. Not only the foundation is supported but you also contribute the preservation of the history of the Fokker G-1. As (future) contributor we offer you: 

  • as a welcoming gift a Fokker G-1 patch, which, for example you can attach on a bag or clothing;
  • 10% discount on purchases aviation related items via the Fokker G-1 Foundation;
  • 1x per year the G1Informatie, the magazine of the Fokker G-1 Foundation;
  • an invitation for the annual contributorsday;
  • 6x per year the Dutch historic aviation magazine ‘Verenigde Vleugels’


You will become a contributor of the foundation by making a bank transfer of € 41.00 (starting the year 2020) on ABNAMRO bankaccount NL45ABNA0480278857 (BIC: ABNANL2A) on account of Fokker G-1 Foundation, Apeldoorn. Signing up online is possible by our contact form, or by sending in your application in writing to our secretary: c.o. Rietgras 5, 8043 KJ,  Zwolle, The Netherlands.

For those contibutors who immediately commit themselves for two years by transferring (at least) € 82.00 in one go, we have a special welcome gift available as a replica of the Fokker G-1 brochure from the Paris salon of 1936.



 Please in the application state your name, address and your phone number and/or your emailaddress(!).
Change of address or cancellation:
Please notify us of your change of address or cancellation via the contact form, or in writing to our secretary: p.a. Rietgras 5, 8043 KJ te Zwolle. Our (this) website does not allow you to do this yourself online.
Privacy statement:
We use this address for, for example, sending the G1Information Magazine and for invitations to the contributorsday. If you also state your telephone number and / or email address, we can reach you even more easily in case of questions or other matters. Only your address details will be shared with the "Verenigde Vleugels" partnership in order to be able to send you that magazine too.
Thank you in advance!



Contributors of the Fokker G-1 Foundation are collective member of the Onafhankelijke Defensie Bond. The collective membership entitles members of the Fokker G-1 Foundations the same rights and duties that apply to associate members with the exception that no charters are issued to contributors of the Fokker G-1 Foundation.