The Foundation

Right from the start in 1997 the Fokker G-1 Foundation has the objective to collect, complete and publish all that is left of the Fokker G-1. The Foundation aims to preserve the complete history of this cultural and industrial heritage of the NV Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek.   


The purpose of the Fokker G-1 Foundation can be summarised in three bullets:


The Fokker G-1 Foundation wishes to present itself and the Fokker G-1 plane to the interested public. That's why we participate in events where you can meet us, or perhaps relive old contacts. At the several meetings the Foundation will of course show her two books "Fokker G-1 - Le Faucheur".


We, as the Fokker G-1 Foundation, are always pleased when people recognise themselves in the goal to find out as much as possible about the Fokker G-1. And all this collecting of knowledge, skills and funds will, in the end, enable us to build a flying replica.

Becoming a contributor

Every supporter, interested in keeping the historic aviation alive, is very welcome at the Fokker G-1 Foundation. Not only the foundation is supported but you also contribute the preservation of the history of the Fokker G-1. As (future) contributor we offer you: 

Example G-1 magazine

The Fokker G-1 Foundation regularly publishes her own informational magazine with all kinds of information about Fokker G-1. Each issue covers several new and interesting facts. To get an impression look at the details in the index below.