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Development of the prototype of the G-1 continued with the purpose to use it for the foreign market. Equally to the prototype it received the Pratt & Wittney Jr. SB4-G engines. These engines had a negative side effect on the plane. Compared to the one with the Bristol Mercury engine top speed was 40 km/hr lower though it had slightly bit more range.


Foreign interest was big after the great success on the Aviation Salon of Paris in 1936. A first group of 26 was already built for Spain, to be delivered via Estonia and France. After the mobilization these planes where bought for use by the Dutch air force. In November of the mobilization year, a search for armament started. In the end they received 4 M36 FN-Browning machineguns (7,9 mm) in the nose and one FN-Browning M-36 machine gun in the tail turret. Only four out of the ten delivered planes were be armed and used in the 5-day war. The remaining planes were captured and taken over by the Luftwaffe.

Orders had also been placed by Denmark and Sweden. Finland was interested. As you can read below, other countries were interested too.