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The purpose of the Fokker G-1 Foundation can be summarised in three bullets:

  1. Collect and complete all that is left concerning the Fokker G-1. Thus preserving a piece of cultural and industrial heritage.
  2. The reproduction of information, documents and parts concerning the Fokker G-1 and performing historical and technical investigation. The collecting of knowledge and studying data about the plane, it's technics, usage and history.
  3. Presenting the collected knowledge to everyone who is interested. This is done by participating in aviation events, exhibitions, our magazine  'G-1 InFormatie', contributor days, wring books, lectures, the website, newspaper articles, flight simulator, setting up and maintaining a documentation centre, etcetera.   

Because of the lot of information we found, we begun completing the design of the plane in the year 2000. Not until the design is complete we can start making plans to build a replica. Which itself will be journey of many years too.