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We, as the Fokker G-1 Foundation, are always pleased when people recognise themselves in the goal to find out as much as possible about the Fokker G-1. And all this collecting of knowledge, skills and funds will, in the end, enable us to build a flying replica.


That would be nice. However it's a long road anyway. With many little steps to take.

First steps are about collecting all necessary information about the construction and equipment of the G-1 and making this information accessible. In this, we concentrate us on the Mercury version. We already collected a lot but there are still a number of archives which we want to investigate, like a recently opened archive in Denmark. There, we hope to find some originals of the sets of drawings Fokker sent to Denmark in order to build the G-1 in license. 

The visiting and investigating of that archive will cost time and money. Time is what the volunteers of the Foundation will invest. But the costs of travel and accommodation have to be covered by the foundation. Perhaps by a sponsor?  

Another point is the educational goal of the foundation is to broadcast the collected knowledge. This is done by our published books and our magazine "G.I Informatie". And on fairs, aviation events and meetings of aviation associations we tell about this piece of Dutch Industrial heritage. This add costs too.  

This explains why we will be glad when people or companies decide to support us. 

We think it's fair that a sponsor wil receive a return for his charity. Publishing his name on our website or in our magazine are some possible examples. And, of course, when we are talking about the flying replica, the sky is the limit.

When you are interested, please contact us to discuss all opportunities. Or approach us on aviation events or contact us by using the contact form.